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Last night (5/19) with Jinkx Monsoon and Kenneth Lee at Hamburger Mary’s. Fucking. Phenomenal. Here goes:

First Show: She sang two songs, Poor Unfortunate Souls (!!!) and Cabaret (face melt). Jerrick’s fucking pipes, ladies and fucking gentleman. Like…what mutant lungs. Mutant. LUNGS. That’s a motherfucking man, Maury. I cannot handle it. I have video. I will post it.

Back to my little part of this, during PUS (haha…ironic because vagina and drag queens), on the little monologue part Ursula does, I wasn’t even planning this y’all, on the line right before it I was giving her my tip, she takes it, and then BECKONS ME BACK. Ladies and gentlemen, I don’t think you understand what I am telling you. she FLICKS HER HAND AT ME TO STAY RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER as she does THE WHOLE MONOLOGUE WITH ME AS THE ARIEL FIGURE. I was trying so hard to keep it together. She called me pretty and i was screaming on the inside. Really loud, shrill fangirl screams. then she sings Cabaret and brings a little one on stage and it was the cutest, but I wasn’t that little girl so it’s not as important.

First Meet n’ Greet: HOLY MOTHERFUCKING SHIT. Me and Chelsi got to near the stage and Jinkx EYES ME and calls out to me “I remember you!”

AHEM. SHE REMEMBERED ME. AHEM. I had the picture we took at PH in Orlando in my hand but this was way before I even got up there. Dammit, cloud 9 approaches for boarding. I saw Kenneth at the Merch table and I got him to sign the picture I had of me and him, which was the sweetest.

So I finally get up to Jinkxy and first thing:

"We met at Parliament House, right?"

And I replied with the smallest voice I’ve ever used ever “yes!”

Then I show her the picture:

"Oh look, it’s us!"

I asked her to sign the picture, he’s Jerrick, you know, out of drag, in it and she was just the sweetest, I didn’t say much because I was starstruck as fuck and the fact that she remembered me put me over the edge.

AND THAT’S JUST THE FIRST SHOW AND MEET N’ GREET, THERE IS MORE. Just know, it gets better. Much fucking better.

Second Show: So this time we get three songs! All That Jazz, Falling in Love Again, and Maybe This Time. I’m telling you. Mutant lungs, people.

I danced a little with her during All That Jazz. when I gave her the tipses. Recorded all the way through Falling and Maybe from the bar. Just enjoyed the show 300 percent.


Okay SO. I was literally 3rd in line behind two friend’s there I took the pictures for. So I go up again, this time calmer and more myself and I ask, “Can we do pose-y one? Like a Velma/Roxy thing?”

Immediately, “Sure!” Thus the middle picture there! and then I turn, give her another hug and say “You are such huge inspiration to me, as an actress!” Her reply, “Oh thank you, that’s so sweet.” BUT WAIT.

She pulls me in again to say in my ear, “I’ve seen some of your Tumblr posts and maybe one day we will sing together.”


I just pour adoration out all over the place while she says “I adore you, have a wonderful night.”

I had to get away before I cried all over her “shiny sequince gown.”

Which I did cry. But only after I ran up to Kenneth at the Merch Booth and was like, “CAN WE TAKE A PICTURE?!”

"Yes, of course!" he says, and thus the two pictures you see above are born. I love him. He is my favorite.

"Get one with me kissing your cheek!" WHY YES, KENNETH, I AM HAPPY TO OBLIGE.

And then I ran away and cried.

I don’t know if you’re trying to convince yourself that your Sunday night was better than mine, but you shouldn’t because you’re just gonna disappoint yourself.

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